Privacy Policy: Ananya Basu

This privacy policy is aimed at protecting our users’ and escorts’ data with the utmost precision. The policy is applicable for all who use this for the relative purposes. We respect the privacy of all escorts and customers to the fullest, and this is the reason we collect and use the data only to enhance our customers’ experiences. We don’t trade in data in any manner.

This is important to note that the policy does not extend to any website or links that users can access through this Website.

Data Collection Process

We gather personal data of our users using the following ways:

  • We collect personal data when our users reach out to us using our Website, by dialing our phone number, e-mail or through any other means.
  • We collect our users’ information when they make payment through our website.
  • When users avail our services.

What We Do with the Personal Data:

As per our privacy policy, we use our customers’ and escorts’ information only to improve our services. Your personal information is very safe with us as it is stored on a secure sever that is encrypted to ensure the utmost security. We have a set of technical safeguard measures to protect your personal data against any kind of breach.

Rights for the Users Under This Policy:

Our users have rights to get the copy of their information that we use for our services, or that we update or modify. They are allowed to make some changes at all moments in time if there is inaccuracy or incorrect details. We allow our users to erase their data if they want. Our users can also restrict the access to their personal information or limit the way in which we use the details.   

Privacy Policy is Subject to Change if Required We may change this privacy policy in case we consider it suitable or as may be required by law. Users would be informed of the changes as this will be immediately posted on the site. Each user must accept the terms of the privacy policy on their first use after modifications.

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